I’m proud to debut the first page of a new concept in the world of The Graveyard Gang – The Graveyard Girl’s Club! I’ve been yammering about this for a bit so I’m so glad to finally get it out into the world. I introduced Cora Kane a few week’s back so you’ll see her again and meet my newest character, Ann Chan.

When I started The Graveyard Gang in 2012 I included only one girl character and I always felt a bit bad about that. At the time I worried about drawing a comic with five characters which I thought was a big enough cast. After a while, I realized that I didn’t need to have all the kids in every story so that opened up the possibilities of adding more kids. I also thought that I should have some more racial diversity in my gang of kids too. After thinking about it for a while I eventually landed upon Cora and Annie. Now both of these young ladies have strong personalities and I can’t wait for you to see how they and their families play into the ever-expanding world I’m building.

This story also marks the return to using legends/folklore in The Graveyard Gang. Midnight Mary is a ghost that supposedly haunts the Evergreen Cemetery in New haven Connecticut. Of course, I took some liberties, foremost moving her haunting ground to the Mourning Hills Graveyard in Ghostport, Massachusetts.

Page one of issue 1 of The Graveyard Gang

Page one of issue 1 of The Graveyard Gang

When I designed this opening splash page I harkened back to the very first page of the very first appearance of The Graveyard Gang, I thought it was appropriate. Wow, that seems so long ago.

That’s it for this week, stay ‘tooned’ for next time for more of The Graveyard Girls’ Club! Thanks so much for reading and supporting my comic!