Hello, and welcome to page 2 of The Graveyard Girls’ Club adventure – Don’t Mess With Midnight Mary! In this installment, we get to see the girls in action as they embark on their secret mission!

I’m really happy to get going on this one. It originally was going to be a 6-page tale but I was having too much fun with this story and I wanted to showcase the girls a bit more so I’ve expanded it to 10 pages! My style of storytelling tends to be more plot-driven but I’m going to try to add some more character-driven moments from now on.

Sorry for the delay in posting this page. It’s been a while since I’ve done a long-form comic and I forgot how much time they take. I also want to get this right so I’m taking the time to make sure everything, especially the story, is just right, makes sense, and includes all the bits I want to tell to make this as good a tale as I planned it to be. So, I’ll probably be late again since I have no buffer of completed pages, another sign that I’m a bit out of practice with this. My last long-form story ‘The Thing In The Well’ was not posted until I had the whole thing done, which is probably the smartest way to do these stories. But I don’t want to have that long a lull so I’m going to try and get a page up a week.

Thanks for the huge support for The Graveyard Girls’ Club, I was thrilled how it took off, especially on Twitter! I even got some press for it thanks to Otaku no Culture and writer James Robert Shaw, thanks so much guys! You can check it out HERE.

Well that’s it for now, thanks for reading and please spread the word about my comic, thank you!