Here we are again with the latest page of The Graveyard Girls’ Club! And this week the plot thickens! Now we know why the girls are traipsing around the graveyard with some pieces of wood and a bag of supplies. The girls’ want to play a trick on poor old innocent Buster by making their own Midnight Mary!

My new characters are lots of fun to write, I keep developing them further and want to add more bits to the story. That said don’t be surprised if I make this story a page or two longer!

I’m also happy to have this tale take place in the Mourning Hills Graveyard, it’s been a while since I’ve had an adventure take place here. After all, this is The Graveyard Gang! I’ll also have to show the other cemeteries, graveyards, odd groups of headstones that are spread throughout Ghostport, the town is loaded with them!

Thanks so much for all the support for my new strip! I’m so glad so many are enjoying it! I have so many new characters and stories I want to do I wish I was lots faster when it came to drawing them!Keep your eyes peeled for more to come from my one-man shop, and if you haven’t ‘like’ my Facebook page!

That’s it for now but stay ‘tooned’ for more of the girls’ antics next time! Thanks again so much for all your support!