Heeeeere’s Mr Wilson! The old fella’s finally dug himself out and Sneezer was such a help! As you can see, this is going to be a bumpy relationship but a fun one for us! Don’t let his crotchety demeanor fool you, he’s quite the friendly zombie!

As I’ve said before, I’m a huge Hank Ketcham’s Dennis the Menace fan so I wanted my own Mr. Wilson to torment! I think Sneezer is the perfect foil but not nearly as menacing as Dennis! He really does want to be friends with Mr. Wilson and he definitely likes to have a ‘captive’ audience to jabber to. Other members of The Graveyard Gang will show up but this is mostly Sneezer’s strip!

The ants make a return appearance in this strip. I originally planned to have them just appear in the one strip but I have fun writing their little back and forths to much. Maybe they’ll get  a starring role at some point but for now we’ll see them appear here and there to add their two cents worth!

I’ve got a few more Mr. Wilson strips coming up before I change gears and introduce another new comic strip. Mr. Wilson’s another fun character to write as I get to know him so they’ll be plenty more to come with this colonial zombie once I’ve finished with these first strips that introduce the comic strip to you!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you like my comic, if so leave a comment I’d love to hear from you! And bring your fiends along too! I’ll see you all here next week!