Welcome to the debut of another comic strip feature for The Graveyard Gang – Mr. Wilson’s Woes!

As I’ve said in past posts, I’ve come up with a lots of new ideas, many of them in comic strip style. Last week you met Scary Cat and Malarkey Mouse, now you get to meet Mr. Wilson (with Sneezer along for the ride!) This is a comic strip I’ve had for years, being a huge Dennis The Menace fan I thought up a zombie (there’s a lot of restless dead folk in Ghostport, even more so in the Mourning Hills Graveyard!) that would be constantly put upon by the kids, especially Sneezer.

In today’s comic we don’t actually see Mr. Wilson yet but don’t worry, he’ll be clawing his way out soon! I wanted to start this strip from the very beginning of Mr. Wilson’s first time he rises from his grave. If any of you longtime Graveyard gang fans may remember, I actually introduced Mr. Wilson waaaay back in Issue 1’s Mystery of the Crypt Creep story! Like I said, I’ve had this planned for a while!

So I hope you enjoy today’s comic, let me know what you think and please spread the word about my comics! Thank you!

Oh and ‘toon’ in next week as we’ll have another Mr. Wilson comic!