The Graveyard Girls’ Club is back! I hope you all had a great holiday season! I thankful to have had a wonderful time that was made better by having my boy Andrew home from Los Angeles.

The Girls thought they were good at making secret plans but it looks like they were outdone by Midnight Mary and the mastermind behind it all – Cappy McFlappy! Yes, it seems the Gang’s antics are not oblivious to everyone and Cappy’s noticed the kids running around the Mourning Hills Graveyard (where he works as caretaker) at all hours of the night!

‘Don’t Mess With Midnight Mary’ is almost over, I have a couple of pages left to wrap things up! I hope you’ve enjoyed the debut of The Graveyard Girls’ Club and you’ll be sure to see them again as I’ll include them more with the boys and their adventures!

As always thank you for reading and please spread the word about my comic, I’d really appreciate it!