In the latest installment of Graveyard Gang Comics, we learn that Buster can not only annoy the living but the dead as well! Yes, this ghost has a bee in his bonnet so Buster had better watch out!

My pal Mat Washburn, creator of another great all-ages webcomic Evan Yeti, guessed kind of where I was going when I introduced our Ghostly friend last week! If you haven’t checked out his comic yet click HERE to read it!

I’m getting all geared up for the Boston Comic Con, having ordered plenty of copies of my new book, BONAPARTE THE ZOMBIE DOG to have for sale! I’m really looking forward to it, hopefully, folks will give it a try! I’ve also created stickers of my new character to give out.

Well, that’s about it, I have to go back to work on some last minute things for the Con! So, as always, thanks so much for reading and please spread the word about my comic! Thank you!