Hi Folks, it’s been a while, a long while since I posted a comic strip. I want you to know I’ve been working on Graveyard Gang comics just not sharing. This little gag comic strip I came up with from a bunch of sketches of the Gang I had drawn. I like how it made a sort of Roll Call of the 5 core members of the Gang! I also have been experimenting with a new colors, not sure if it’s ‘there’ yet but I like where it’s going!

I’ve been writing, scripting and doing layouts for my GG graphic novel! It’s coming along great, just very time consuming since it will probably end up being close to 200 pages!

All this work has been taking me away from posting. To remedy that, I’ve decided to split my time and try to post single page gag comic strips like this and some adventure comic strips that will run from 10-20 pages. I have so many story ideas I hope to share with you all!

So I hope you look forward to seeing more of Lope, Marcie, Buster, Presto, and Sneezer, along with Cora, Annie, little Piccolo and the many colorful characters of my weird little town of Ghostport! I know I am!

Also, I’m on Instagram now too, you can find me at @richclabaughartist!