Hi folks!

Here is a new Graveyard Gang Comic Strip starring Cora Kane! I’m making some single-page comic strips while I work on larger Graveyard Gang adventures! ‘Cora’s 2 Cents!’ joins my other comic strip series like I’ve Been Cornered! – Ep. 1 starring our resident big mouth Buster Bonetti, “Mr Wilson’s Woes’ Mr. Wilson’s Woes #1 starring Sneezer Smith and Mr. Wilson, and Scary Cat & Malarkey Mouse – Strip #1 starring Scary Cat and Malarkey Mouse!

This strip is an homage to the famous Lucy strips in Charles Schulz ‘Peanuts’ comic strip. This fits perfectly with Cora’s sassy demeanor! Cora and Ann Chan are the newest members of the Graveyard Gang and I’m loving how their personalities are becoming more distinct as I make more Graveyard Gang comics.

And as far as the gag itself, I’m sure a version of this idea has been done in the past, I don’t recall seeing it, but apologies to the original cartoonist!

So enjoy a giggle reading this new Graveyard Gang Comic Strip and let me know you think!

Thanks for stopping by!