Hello and welcome to the debut of a new comic strip for The Graveyard Gang – I’ve Been Cornered! starring our our Buster Bonetti! This is one I couldn’t wait to share with you all. I’ve had this idea for quite sometime and you diehard Graveyard Gang fans remember I touched upon this idea in issue #4, page 7 to be exact and even in Issue #2 when he was out of the action because he got into trouble!

Buster Bonetti is such a great character to write, this foul-mouthed troublemaker’s antics just pop in my mind so easily. His attitude and faults make him so fun and of course his actions constantly get him into trouble. So there’s plenty of opportunities to find him ‘cornered’! I’ll be running this strip for the next few weeks and then hopefully I’ll have some more time open up to do some multi-page stories.

Also in this debut strip you get to ‘meet’ Buster’s Pop – Louie ‘Black-eye’ Bonetti! Louie is a retired boxer who now spends his days as a baker for his pastry shop that he runs with his wife, Mary. Buster idolizes his Pop and wants to follow in his footsteps as a boxer! As we go along in this strip we’ll see more of the Bonetti family including Buster’s little brother Piccolo. I have some longer stories coming up that the Bonetti’s will feature more prominently.

Thanks again so much for reading my comic and I hope to hear from you all soon! And yes, please spread the word that I’m back making comics, I’d greatly appreciate it! And don’t forget to ‘vote’ too, thank you!

Oh and be sure to “like’ my Facebook page as I’m going to be letting you in on what book I’m currently working on! Take care and have an awesome week!