The girls get to work in today’s Graveyard Girls’ Club episode! We find out why the girls are eager to get back at Buster as they assemble their own ‘Midnight Mary.’ That Buster cannot help but be annoying so we’ll have to wait and see if the girls’ plan for revenge will make him change his ways.

Ann Chan gets the spotlight this week as we see more of her personality. We find out she has a ‘slight’ fascination with blood and gore which tends to creep out most kids. Cora and Marcie just find it annoying. I modeled her a bit after the character of ‘Tootie’ Smith from the classic film ‘Meet Me In St. Louis.’ Tootie was played by child star Margaret O’Brien and she was a little girl with morbid fascinations such as having funerals for her dolls. As I’ve said plenty of times, the world of The Graveyard Gang incorporates all the things I love from comics to movies to books. You’ll definitely be seeing lots more.

Next week we’ll see the girls finish their task as they await their oblivious ‘victim.’ This story just keeps getting bigger! Where it started out as a 6-page story, I expanded it to 10 pages but now I think I have to add 2 more pages, so that means it’ll be double the size I had originally planned for! (Yes I can add!)

As always thanks so much for ‘tooning’ in and please leave a comment, I’d love to hear what you think of the story so far! And if you would spread the word about my comic, I’d really appreciate it!