The corner’s getting a bit crowded in this week’s installment of Graveyard Gang Comics! Buster’s baby brother Piccolo is back to confound our resident mischief maker. Even the Poltergeist, ‘Pollerguest’ according to Buster, is back, although not to blame for this week’s antics!

Piccolo is my little enigma, who tends to show up in the most unlikely of places. I could have a reason why this is but I kind of like that he defies explanation. I haven’t officially made him a member of the Graveyard Gang since he comes and goes as he pleases. What do you think, should he be a regular member of the Gang?

Sorry for the late post this week but it was a busy weekend and the holiday threw me off a bit too! I hope to get a jump on things this weekend, maybe even starting a new strip!

That’s it for this week, thanks so much for stopping by! Again please spread the word about my comic I’m sure there are more potential fans out there! Take care and have a great next few days until we ‘talk’ again!