Introducing Scary Cat & Malarkey Mouse!

Wow, my first post in a looong time! It’s great to be back! As I told you last week, I’m gonna shift the Graveyard Gang’s big adventures to a graphic novel format and use the website to expand the world of The Graveyard Gang with comic strips and shorter stories.

This week’s comic is the debut of Scary Cat and Malarkey Mouse! One of the things I’ve wanted to add to The Graveyard Gang is animal characters and here’s my take on the classic Cat vs. Mouse idea. Scary Cat hangs around the graveyard and he lives for scaring! Of course his favorite ‘victim’ is Malarkey Mouse. Malarkey is a bragger and tall-tale teller who will regale anyone who’ll listen to his stories.

I’ve got some more new comics coming your way, so stay ‘tooned’ for next week’s comic. I’m going to rotate the lineup to give you a sample of the new strips and new characters, I hope you like them! There’s even some adventures coming!

Thanks you so much for reading and please come back and bring your friends!