Keep calm the Graveyard Girls’ Club is back! Page 6 of our story has the girls finally springing their trap! I think they got Buster’s attention, what do you think? The story picks up speed with this page and things get frightful not only for Buster but for our not-as-clever-as-they-think Girl’s Club!

Sorry for the week’s delay but I was kept from the drawing board attending the MICE convention the last weekend of October. I had a great time and met so many nice people! I also finally closed on my house that we had been renting these last nine or so years waiting for the housing market to bounce back. I’m so relieved it’s out of our lives, especially since these last two years have been awful with it.

I’m keeping it short this week as I’m a bit late posting this today and I want to get it posted! I hope it was worth the the wait and thank you for sticking with me!