The Graveyard Girls’ Club get back at Buster for his ‘no more girls in the Graveyard Gang’ talk but it looks like their victory may be short-lived! Annie’s right who woulda guessed?

The action keeps up with this week’s page and we’ll have to see what happens next now that the ‘real’ Midnight Mary has made her presence known. You didn’t think I’d pass up the chance to have an actual ghost in my story now did you?

Did you notice the surprise guest appearance? Yes, my little guy Malarkey Mouse happens upon Midnight Mary as she makes her way across the graveyard! We haven’t seen him for a while and I’m glad I thought to pop him in! I hope to have more comics of my animal characters soon!

Well, that’s a wrap for this week, thanks so much for reading! Come back next week as we see more of Midnight Mary!