Issue 3 is FINALLY here! I’m so sorry for the long wait but I’ve been very busy getting ready for the BOSTON COMIC CON April 20-21, my first Con appearance! And because of that it may be a struggle at times to maintain the 2-day-a-week schedule, but I will at least be posting once a week.

This is the first in a couple of short stories (12 pages each) that will feature only 1 or 2 of the Gang members. This tale stars everyone’s favorite foul-mouth –  Buster! He’s about to meet up with a scary creature, so stay tuned for a fun adventure!

Also I’d like to ask if any of  my fellow cartoonists wish to send in FAN ART, I’d gladly accept and post them proudly on my site! Just email me!

So thanks again for reading my comic and please spread the word, I’d really appreciate it!