Our poor colonial zombie cannot keep himself together can he? It’s either that or Sneezer doesn’t know his own strength! A few more episodes like this and Mr. Wilson will be going back underground!

I hope you’re liking ‘Mr. Wilson’s Woes’ so far. These first 6 episodes or so are kind of the ‘origin’ of the strip going forward. I’m setting up the basic situation and then we’ll go on from there!

Meet the earthworm, he’s another part of my ‘peanut gallery’ that’ll be popping up from time to time. I slowly plan on introducing more of these critters that live in The Mourning Hills Graveyard, I hope you like them!

Next week’s strip will have some great guest stars, namely the rest of The Graveyard Gang! Yes we’ll get to see them all for the first time in a while, be sure to check it out!

Thanks again for reading and please spread the word!