Thar he blows! Sneezer tells and demonstrates his name to Mr. Wilson! Our poor colonial zombie won’t be forgetting that name anytime soon! I haven’t had Sneezer actually sneeze since Issue #1 so I thought I was overdue to remind you dear readers about our dear little friend!

This strip was lots of fun to make, I even added a special ‘Sneezer Vision’ extra wide panel to emphasize the nasal event.  I’ve felt that in The Graveyard Gang’s adventures so far Sneezer has been under played so I switched him out with Mr. Wilson’s original protagonist, Lope the Wolf Kid. I think it’s a better fit and an opportunity to develop Sneezer into a more rounded (pun intended) little fella.

So as I’m doing my gag-a-day strips I’m working on my first Graveyard Gang Storybook! This will be for younger readers but as all my work it can be enjoyed by everyone as I push my brand’s motto –
‘Horror for Whole family!’

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