Buster’s back in the corner for another week, probably missing some amazing Graveyard Gang adventure! He’d get into a lot less trouble if he only could keep he big mouth shut!

If you been reading I’ve had Buster talk to his Mama but I suspect half the time she isn’t paying him much attention, he mostly likes to hear himself talk! For someone so active as our resident bigmouth, having to stand, alone, in the corner is grueling torture indeed! You’d think he’d learn his lesson but what’s the fun in a strip like that?

I’m working hard to get my new book completed, I cannot wait tot share it with you! It’s a picturebook/storybook/comic hybrid that’ll introduce a new character to the Graveyard Gang universe!

What gag comic are you enjoying most? Is it ‘Mr. Wilson’s Woes’ or ‘I’ve Been Cornered’? I have more Scary Cat and Malarkey Mouse strips coming so you can get a better idea what those are like.

This won’t be the only time I’ll mention it but I’m going to be at The Boston Comic Con again this year. It’s happening this August 12-14th so I hope to see you there!

That’s it for this week, thanks again for stopping by and please spread the word about The Graveyard Gang, I’d really appreciate it!