Buster’s in the corner again! As you can imagine he spends lots on time in that there corner in between his adventures with The Graveyard Gang! This week’s strip continues my single-panel gag comics which I’ll be doing for a few more episodes.

Buster’s little brother Piccolo makes an appearance in today’s strip! That little pipsqueak has an amazing ability to disappear and reappear right under The Graveyard Gang’s and especially Buster’s nose! You never know where he’ll turn up next! When I created the little guy way back in Issue #1, I hadn’t planned on using him beyond that but he’s got lots of potential, like a featured role in Issue #4’s ‘The Thing In The Well.’ I promise you’ll see more of this unofficial 6th member of the Gang in the future.

Oh and I had a great time at Kids Con New England this past Saturday! I met so many great kids (and adults), thanks to Emily and all her staff for putting on such a fun show! It was tiny compared to the big ones but it was well organized and the venue was great and comfortable, plus I’m sure it will only grow in size in the years to come! It was great to see pals Chris Watkins , Crispin Wood , and  Don Mathias in person and talk shop. It was great to spend the day with my girl Abby who helped me out at my booth. It was great to debut my son Andrew’s stop motion Graveyard Gang movie, the kid’s loved it! On a personal level it was a great moral booster, so many folks bought my comic, and even those that didn’t were very complimentary. It helps to know I must be doing something right!

So that’s it for now, thanks again so much for your support!