Buster almost got out of the corner in this week’s Graveyard Gang Comic! Our resident wiseguy has been foiled by a checker-loving Poltergeist! Let’s hope for Buster’s sake he gets bored playing soon or Buster will never get out of that corner! This week’s gag burst into 3 panels this week, I hope you like it!

Speaking of our Poltergeist, I’m thinking he may need a name soon! I’ll have to work that into a strip in the future!

This past Friday, I was invited to attend a Book Bash where I got to meet lots of local Kid’s book authors and even did a short reading of my newest book, Bonaparte the Zombie Dog! I also made another young fan of my work who bought all my books and asked when there would be more! She made my week! It’s so rewarding when kids love what I do, you know you always hope you’re doing the right thing but to get validated so enthusiastically was wonderful! She asked if they’ll be more girls in future stories and I told her to just wait, The Graveyard Gang Girls Club is coming!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s strip, thank you so much for reading! I’ll be back next week and I hope you’ll be too! Have a great week!