When all else fails – RUN!!! I guess The Graveyard Girls’ Club didn’t think to come up with a ‘Plan B’! They didn’t get too far before their prank on Buster knocked them down a peg or two or just plain knocked them down! I guess they’re not as clever as they thought, hopefully, Midnight Mary won’t be too offended they didn’t say goodbye!

‘Don’t Mess With Midnight Mary’ is almost finished, we have 3 pages left to go! What do you think of my new feature? That’s one of the nice things about having a website, I can post and share any new idea that comes to mind. And boy, do I have plenty! I have to start thinking of what comes after this story, I have some ideas, I’ll just have to narrow it down.

This is my last post before the holiday weekend, so I want to wish you all the happiest wishes and thank you for all your support this year. The next few weeks postings may be a bit spotty because of the season and especially with my son Andrew coming back home for the holidays!