Piccolo and his pal do a bit of exploring and look at what they find, another ‘character’ in our little tale and as we get to know him, we’ll learn he’s pretty deep! (Ha sorry couldn’t resist!) As you can probably tell Piccolo has a talent for wandering into odd situations, like how did he end up in the crypt in issue #1? He has another talent too, annoying his big brother mainly because Buster has to always keep an eye on him! Well keep your eyes peeled yourself dear readers as our story continues.

Where is the Gang you ask? Don’t worry they’re gonna turn up, but for now enjoy reading the adventures of our toddler of few words!

Creating this page brought back fond memories playing in the woods myself when I was a kid. My friends and I spent hours playing all kinds of games and having ‘adventures.’ We even tried sledding through the woods one winter, man that was crazy but fun!

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