Stinky the squirrel gets a bath! Alas poor Stinky we knew him well (pun intended!) That’s the last we’ll see of Piccolo’s smelly sidekick but it looks like the tiny tot may have found a new ‘friend’! I’ve wondered if I should make Piccolo an official member of the Gang but he’s a bit of a loner right now. We’ll see if things change in the future, I know Buster would object for sure! He even has a problem with a girl being part of the Gang, he just (wisely) keeps his mouth shut about that though.

This is probably the creepiest tale I’ve done so far, this homage to H.P. Lovecraft, although there’s still plenty of humor! I have a super creepy tale coming up in Issue #7 which is an homage to Mike Mignola, can’t wait to spring that one on you!

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