The Thing unleashed! Yep now that it has a somewhat full belly and the clouds have moved in, the Thing is ready to free itself!

I decided to give this moment a big treatment, to not only show Marcie’s and Lope’s reaction but compare it to little Piccolo’s reaction. Piccolo is enigmatic as usual, but clearly he’s not afraid. I’ve decided  not to use thought balloons for our little enigma, keeps up the mystery surrounding him.

The Thing’s look was a tricky design to come up with. I was definitely going for a Lovecraft feel, but I knew since this was not really an aquatic creature, I wanted to stay away from a green, fishy appearance. I wanted to make something that looked ‘wrong’, something impossible for our world. That’s why I had the eyes able to look no matter what side they are on. In fact, I wonder if this is even it’s true form, or if it ‘adapted’ itself to exist in our plane.

We’re now in September! The kids are back to school and I’d like to be too! I would love to visit elementary classrooms and talk about using your imagination to make comics If you’re a teacher in southern Mass. or northern RI or Conn. drop me line!

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