Unlucky Page 13! Yes, Piccolo disappears again! Marcie and Lope tuned their backs on him for two minutes and POOF! They should have got me a leash! So we have a Thing, now with a full belly, that cannot come out in the sun and it suddenly gets very cloudy and dark – hmmm. Stay tooned Graveyard Gang fans!

One of the goals I really strived for when I created the Gang is to give the comic the potential for me to mix things up. It’s nice that I can use different pairings of  my rascals depending on the story. And besides changing up who’s in each issue, I can tell all kinds of stories. Like my next 2-part story, I’d call it more of an action/adventure story. The whole Gang will actually be in it too! I’m drawing Part 1 now and I can’t wait to tell you all about it and for you to see who’s going to be joining the Gang’s growing supporting cast. I hope I can keep my mouth shut, I’d hate to spill the beans!

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