Say, it’s an appearance by some of The Graveyard Gang! And not a moment too soon, I thought I might have to change this comic to ‘The Adventures of Piccolo’! This was actually a tough nut of a layout for me to figure out. I knew I wanted to show Piccolo ‘finding’ some food, I just wasn’t sure who was going to ‘give’ it to him! I was a one point going to have adults, like the grocery man, but then I thought it would be a good way to have the Gang make a cameo. Piccolo’s a sneaky little fella isn’t he?  Poor Sneezer and Presto, getting their lunches stolen, the nerve! And poor Buster, framed  (Not really, Piccolo didn’t intentionally set up his big brother, but he helped Buster pay for somethings he thought he got away with!)

We’ll leave the Gang to stew for a few days as we get ready for page 8 when the rest of our story’s characters drop in!

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