Full page time! I felt this confrontation deserved the big treatment! As you can see the Gang isn’t making much headway remembering the magic words but hopefully they will soon because time is running out! At least Piccolo is having fun! With this view I also tried to convey a sense of dizzy vertigo as the Thing whips them around! Something tells me he’s not going to content just doing that for long!

Wow, Page 16 on the 16th of the month! ‘Toon’ in next week as Marcie and Lope continue to struggle to remember those darn magic words and try to stay alive in the meantime!

 Two bits of news I’d like to share: 

1. ISSUE #5 is well on it’s way as I finished scripting it this weekend! Since I’m a one-man show that means I write the script right onto the pages making all the word balloons and adjusting the panels into the appropriate sizes! Whew! But getting that accomplished has got me pumped to crank on the art, wish me luck!

2. I’ve been asked to participate in a project with the gang over at ComixTribe that will be coming out next year! ComixTribe is a comics publisher with such cool titles as The Red Ten, Epic, Oxymoron, and their newest hit And Then Emily Was Gone. I am very honored to be included plus it gives me a chance to work on a comic that’s different from what I usually do. More details will be coming in early 2015!

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