The Thing strikes again! Marcie and Lope were wondering what in the world Piccolo was up to with that cow, now I bet they wish they didn’t follow him! What’s going to happen next? We just hit the halfway point of our story and it’s about to kick into high gear! I realize this cow scene may be a bit strong but I tried to handle it as innocent as I could. This IS a horror comic after all! 🙂

This coming weekend, Aug. 8th-10th,  I’ll be at The Boston Comic Con  !! I will have 4 issues of The Graveyard Gang comic book for sale! This will be the debut of Issues 3 and 4, so come on down to get your copies! I will also have stickers of the Gang so come and get one of your favorite rascal! For those for you who can’t make it, I promise to have my store finally open up so you can buy my comics, including getting #4 and finding out what happens BEFORE it hits online and the Christmas story that’s in #3 that will start posting this November!

Also I’ve taken the plunge and added a ‘Donate’ button to my site. I realize it usually isn’t a huge way to earn money for your comic but the ads/traffic route is certainly not doing a thing for me, so I thought I’d try it.

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