Krampus makes his move! It looks like Buster is really in for it now! I had a real fun time doing this page, nice to do these ‘pinups’ every once in a while! How’s Buster going to get out this? Well we’re gonna have to wait until next week as I’m still swamped with things to do for the Con! On that note about conventions, I just signed up for another, I’ll be appearing on Saturday August 24 at the Necronomicon-Providence, (, so come on over and say HI!

OK, so the next new strip will be on Tuesday March19, mark and it your calendar and bring your friends!!

P.S. I’m having ISSUES 1 and 2 printed! I’m gonna sell them at the Con but if you can’t make it, please drop me an email as I’ll be selling them here on the site as well! Save your allowances and get your copies!