This week we meet Marley’s Ghost’s newest ‘victim’ – Barney Black! And we finally get to see what the Gang will be doing in this adventure, helping Marley’s Ghost!  The Gang’s got their work cut out for them to be filling in for the three Christmas spirits! Let’s hope they are more of a help than a hinderance! I’d hate to get on old Marley’s bad side!

This approach was fun to do but writing the script took lots of effort. Not only did I have to tell a story, I decided to do it in rhyme. And where I had only one image per page I had to make it count and make sure the script ‘filled in the blanks’! I also tried out a new color palette to give this more of a ‘Little Golden Book’ feel. Some of the old ones I bought for research did many of it’s pages in limited color, so I decided to give that a try! I had lots of fun doing this one, so I’ll have to think up another tale I can do in this style.

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