Here’s the full image of the cover for our Krampus tale, I hope you like it! Well that wraps up the first of our ‘short’ stories. What did you think? I realize it was a tad weird to have a ‘Christmasy’ tale this time of year but I’ve had that one planned for a long time now. I wanted to establish Krampus as a character in my comic. Yes that means we will see him again! The idea of Krampus is so cool, I wish I had known about it as a kid… or maybe not!

Now I’ll be taking a hiatus for a while as I have some family matters to attend and then I’ll be starting my next short story ‘The Thing In The Well’ starring Lope, Marcie, and featuring Buster’s little brother Piccolo! I’m going to try something different this time, I’m going to finish this story completely before I start to post it! I’m doing this for two reasons: One, to create a buffer. Since I’m doing a longform comic book I really need to be able to see the pages as a whole and be able to make adjustments. Two, so I can sell the story, in print and pdf format prior to it’s debut online. So for any fans that can’t wait to read it they buy it! A number of webcomics are starting to do this and I thought this would work well for my comic.

With ‘The Thing In The Well’ I’m going to try and do things differently artistically as well. Up until this point I thumbnail my whole story, then I draw all the elements for it separately, bringing them all together on the page. This time I’m going to try and draw each panel as complete as I can, with much tighter pencils. Also this story will be told differently and have a new pallet. I’m going to tweak my characters a bit as well. I’m excited for the challenge I set myself!!

During the lull of new comic pages I will be posting more on my blog. I kind of let that go when I got crunched to complete the week’s page so I look forward to it’s return. Besides reviewing comics, movie, etc. I will give you updates and sneaks to upcoming stories!

Thanks for reading and come back soon … oh ya, and bring your friends!!