I want to use this post to answer a few questions I think you might have about my comic.

Why did I set ‘The Graveyard Gang’ in the past, specifically in the 1930s?
A big reason I set this in the past was I did not want to have TV, computers, or video games in my story. With children as my main characters, those items would have to be part of the story if it took place in 2012. This way I have the kids in a decade where they can be outside all the time, and wander here and there around town. Also I did not want to create an ‘alternate’ contemporary world where I would have to explain what this world has or does not have. The 1940s had WWII and the 1950s up was out because of TV and besides, the 1930s have always interested me.

Why is it take place in Massachusetts?
Well for one, it’s where I live. Secondly, I love all the history and folklore that comes with it. Can you think of a better locale for a spooky comic?

Where did the idea for the ‘Gang’ come from?
I am a huge fan of the old Hal Roach ‘Our Gang’ comedies (or as you may know them, The Little Rascals). These were a group of kids who usually meant well but got into all kinds mischief. (Now I’m talking specifically about the pre-Alfalfa comedies, when the kids were much more troublesome, not sicky sweet and yes I am a geek about this stuff!) So if you know this about me it’s not a big leap to see ‘The Graveyard GANG’ spring from ‘Our GANG’, and the thought that initially popped into my head was what if the kids from those films fought monsters. Originally I had an different main character for my comic and I came up with the ‘Gang’ as part of his supporting cast. This main character is now a supporting character in this comic and you will be meeting him soon. Once he’s introduced I will tell you more about him and why I ‘demoted’ him.

Is this one long story?
Well yes and no. I am treating this as a comic book that I ‘deliver’ online. So it will be broken up into ‘issues’ with a front and back cover. There will be 12 issues per ‘season’ and right now I have a plan for the first five. Each season will have a ‘big bad’ (yes I‘m a Whedon geek too!) and there is an overall story for all five. But unfortunately, because I do this part-time and still have a full-time day job, issues won’t be able to come out monthly. With your support, maybe someday…

That’s it for now, any questions?