Mr. Alpheus Wilson died way back in 1792. Goodport was the name of the town in those days. Strange things tend to happen in this town, even if you’re dead.

So one day he ‘woke up’ to find out he’s been dead and buried for 140 years! (If you recall, The Graveyard Gang takes place in the 1930s.) Unfortunately, tree roots running through his coffin have trapped him from the waist down. Therefore, he’s a captive audience for Sneezer Smith, who loves to talk with Mr. Wilson. On some days, Sneezer tries to ‘help’ his friend which usually ends badly for Mr. Wilson.

Despite his predicament, Mr. Wilson is usually pretty friendly for a zombie* and he welcomes visitors, as long as they don’t wear out their welcome!

*Note: In the world of the Graveyard Gang, Zombies don’t get hungry except any occasional craving for their favorite foods when they were alive.

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