LopeThe leader of the gang, he is a Mexican orphan who was rescued from ‘Farnum’s Freak Show’ by a reclusive doctor and then adopted by him. He lives in a spooky house on the outskirts of town on the other side of Mourning Hill Cemetery. He is new to town and residents are always referring to him as ‘that wolf kid’ because of his wolfish appearance. The origin of his ‘curse’ is not yet known. He is embarrassed by his hairiness but enjoys a keen sense of smell and is very fast. A full moon makes ‘the wolf’ come out more. He is very loyal to his friends as they are to him. They will always defend him when others judge him by his appearance. Since Spanish is his first language he is trying to master English. Very brave, he is always on the lookout to right a wrong and punish evildoers.

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